Simple DIY Scarf with Embroidered Edging

I'm a big believer in making your own clothing and accessories, especially something as simple as a scarf. As a sewer I never buy anything I know I can make because I can't justify spending the usually exorbitant price thats literally just a few straight seams and some poor quality fabric.

Of course while I was at the fabric store I had a looksie at the sale table (I can't ever pass up a bargain) and came across some muslin in a subtle grey. Now I know in the USA, your muslin is what we Aussies call calico, so I have no idea what you call this fabric! If you know drop me a comment! Essentially its the fabric commonly used for baby swaddles, it's a 100% cotton, open weave and breathable fabric :)

All I needed was 1 meter (1 yard) of fabric which I cut in half and joined using a french seam to keep those pesky fraying edges away, while creating a seam which would look pretty too :)

I hemmed around the whole scarf then spent that night cuddled up under my electric blanket stitching the whole edge in a combination of blues and pinks. Bliss!

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Modern Sorbet - Giveaway and A New Pattern based on the Drunkard's Path

I have a sewing room, I use it for sewing, sure, ironing too. When it comes to cutting and trimming I'm obviously spread out in the lounge room, there is TV there! And my sewing room is just a tad squishy. Therefore, I spend a lot of time on the floor which is hard on the knees especially on the hardwood.

I had stumbled upon so many gorgeous quilted pillows, a few I even made into throw pillows. Then I saw the gigantor floor pillows and I immediately added one of those on my mental to make list (don't even ask me how long that list is, I don't even know)

Of course many quilts and assorted projects came and went until I began trying my hand at 'Quilt Design a Day' and became obsessed with the versatility of the drunkards path blocks. An obsession began, and I can't even begin to tell you how many QDAD's I've designed using that block.

So finally, I made one of my many designs, behold! My Amazeballs floor pillow (Insert trumpets sounding here)

Isn't she perty! 

I totally love it, and while it doesn't exactly match my fire engine red couch, I don't even care! (It'll match my dream couch I swear) Plus my knees and every single pokie-outie bone in my ankles and feet are really happy now.

I'd mentioned previously that I had made some pillows using zips in bright colours, but the way that I was sewing my zips in meant that that zips were protected (Ehm, hidden) by fabric flaps. I've changed that now and my brightly colored zippers are out in the open for all to see!

In typical quilty fashion the pillow is made with a fully quilted 'quilt sandwich' and bound (because that's my favourite part of the whole process) 

It's quilted using multi directional straight lines in white, that way I'm not distracting from the curves.

So the pattern for this beauty is available in the Etsy Shop as well as Craftsy along with the rest of my quilting, crochet and craft patterns.

And here begins the Giveaway!

Up for grabs is a copy of the pattern for 3 readers! 

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Quilt As You Go Pillow with Applique

You guys know by now that I love using up my scraps and I had this idea to make a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) pillow in my head for a while.

This one measures 16"x16" and is hand appliquéd and hand quilted. I absolutely love the process of hand sewing, so calming and therapeutic!

I usually finish my pillows with an 'envelope' style back, but didn't like the way that if your envelope flaps were to small, they would poke out and you could see the pillow inside. Otherwise, if the envelope flaps were too long, it made it difficult to put the pillow inside. There was a very fine 'happy medium' that depended heavily on how bulky the pillow was. 

For something different and for more of a professional finish, I've added a zipper in a pop of color! Next time, I think I'll make the zippers more visible so you can really see the color.

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Sew Cute Tuesday

Nuvango Throw Pillows

Have you noticed Nuvango has branched out and introduced T-shirts and Throw Pillows....

Look how good they look!


I don't even care about the T-shirts but I'm so tempted to buy ALL the pillows

Phew, excitement over.... 
But seriously, they're pretty cool...and yes I'm biased because it's my own Art.

Clicky if you wish to add them to your collection


Unisex Baby Quilt with Elephant - A New Quilt

The Elephant Baby Quilt is Finished!

42" wide x 51.5" Long (107 cm x 131cm)

I had this idea to quilt-as-you-go animal silhouettes for a while and this is how it came out. I love how quickly it comes together paired with the joy of picking out a variety of bright bold colours from my scraps. If you know me, you'd know I love using up my scraps, I simply cannot stand how much fabric is 'wasted' in the quilting process. Plus, using a mish mash of colours and patterns from your scraps bin is as much therapeutic as is the process of sewing. Plus I think it helps me practice matching patterns, colours and prints.

I traced my elephant shape onto the cotton batting in pen, then worked from the centre out in QAYG. I really tried to use more smaller strips as My QAYG grew to give more color variation.
It was then trimmed and reverse appliquéd to the flannel.

...And how cute is that backing fabric! I'm a sucker for stripes, especially for binding, and the rainbow colours are just awesome. 

The front of the quilt is a soft flannelette making it extra warm and cozy, and a different texture for bubbas to explore.

This quilt is for sale in the Princess Caz Etsy Store

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2015 so far through instagram

I'm lovin' Instagram for posting. It's just so easy and doesn't involve as much as blogger. Although some things just need a full blog post.

So, here's whats been going on since we last spoke :)

I revealed this painting. A Christmas gift commission.

I gave an old ring binder new life with some of my original art and washi tape! Why? Because pretty stationery is either boring, or expensive.

I made a handy pencil case with rings allowing me to store it in my new ring binder. (If you're new here, I'm a teacher, and teachers love stationery!!! A lot!)

I've been sewing some beauties for the Princess Caz Shop 

And whats been keeping me away from blogging the most is preparations for my very own special crafty event 

if you don't follow on Instagram and would like to, search for @seraphymhandmade or click the link in the sidebar.

Until next time...

A bit of Photography to celebrate Spring

While I'm totally time poor, I still find time to do things creative, otherwise I'll drive myself nuts! Being pre-Christmas, I can't show you the cool things I'm making as gifts!

In the meantime, here are some snaps I took to get me through writing and marking exams.