Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chevron Ombre Quilt and a Bunting

I've finally managed to get some photos of this quilt I made for my sister for her 21st birthday earlier this year. I'm glad to say she absolutely loves it, and appreciates the work that went into it, I know this because as young girls, my sister and I would spend some of our school holidays at our local quilt shop in sewing workshops. We would make Quillows, pillow cases, skirts and a range of other sewn goodies, but being a few years younger than me, her products were a bit "wonky" shall we say! We still joke about her wavy sewing lines, and the amount of times she 'broke' my sewing machine to this day.

I absolutely fell in love with the Chevron shape and love love love making HST's. The quilting is done completely by hand in a simple zigzag which mirrors the colored chevrons in a variegated embroidery floss.

I didn't follow any particular pattern for this one, I just created around 8 x 3" HST's in each color for each row, and arranged them by spreading the colors evenly avoiding too many repeats. I used 3 different prints plus the 'base' color for each row.

I also couldn't help but make her a cute Bunting for her birthday party which had temporary 'Happy Birthday' letters on each flag which came off easily after its original use and they now live above her bedroom window :)

What have you been sewing? I'd love to hear in the comments!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Man Quilt (Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry)


It's been about a year since I have completed my man quilt, and it's found it's permanent home on the lounge room couch.

It was made for 'Mr Seraphym Handmade' who, after seeing me go a little quilting crazy (obsessed) innocently asked when I would make him a quilt. And for anyone who has made a man quilt, know it can be a bit of a challenge. So it was 'on' there an then, challenge accepted! I got right to work designing.

This quilt was my first go at paper piecing and designing my own quilt from scratch. For more insight into the process, see the original post here.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Moving house, Getting Internet and Back to Blogging

Phew! Ive had a whirl wind couple of months, with moving house and all that goes with it. I think the hardest thing (after the influx of paperwork and boring jobs) is packing up my sewing room and starting again. My new sewing room is luckily about the same size as my last, except without a robe :( so there goes all of my storage space! But that's another story for another post.

I've been hanging to sew for almost 2 months, and knitting and crochet has held me over until last night when I thought " I don't care how many boxes are piled up in this room! I'm going to sew!!!".... and off I went. My god, If there was any type of motivation to get me going to set up my new room , that was it!

So here is a (bad) photo of my the single block that I produced, Taken from Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. I need to find my camera!

After making the block I just had to jump on Illustrator and plan out my design for an entire quilt! I'm thinking a toddler or baby sized quilt for this one. Even though I've had my heart set on making an awesome block sampler quilt, I just couldn't help playing with the color and variations to create these.


I think I may go with the second of these, since it almost gives an optical illusion (tromp l'oeil) effect. I'm really drawn to optical illusions for quilt inspiration like the few below.

How cool would they look as a quilt!!!

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I got Skinny (Pin Cushion Swap)

Have you seen that Amy @ Amy Made That! held a skinny pin cushion swap? I couldn't help but get in on that!

Here is the pin cushion I made....


And here is the one I recieved! How adorable!!!!!!!! Love it!

Want to make your own? Check out the super easy pattern here. Keep in mind when looking at the pattern that there are not cutting instructions, the squares/rectangles on the page are templates.... it took me a while to figure that out.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A long time between posts - Crochet Doily Rug Finish

Phew, my last post was in January, and let me say I've been flat out since. I started back at work after my super long 7 week break over Christmas, I've been preparing ( and partying) in the lead up to my friends wedding and I'm in the process of moving house. Excitement (and fatigue) is prominent in the Seraphym Household at the moment.

Of course, being a craft nut (addict), and a Art/Textiles teacher, I've still been crafting like crazy just not blogging about it. So fair to say I'm hoping to get a few posts on schedule today before the wedding and move happens so you can get your Seraphym Fix.

So if you've been reading along I've mentioned some projects that I'm keen to tackle....

So far, I've completed and blogged about the dog bed and one of the Kitty Arigarumi's, and I've bought all of the materials for the fleece hoodie dress (aka: on the UFO list)

And now I present to you my new finish.... The Crochet Doily Rug!

Sprocket just had to be in the picture!

I love me a good doily, and it was my intention to create rugs from the t-shirt yarn that I bought for 50 cents a ball. As you can see from the image above my original intention was to create a plainer version of the rug but as soon as my eyes set on the inspiration images below I was intent on creating a giant doily! Clicky on the images which link to Pinterest.
crochet rug by lorka., via Flickr
Crochet rug
crochet rug by girbska

I had originally started using this tutorial, but as the tutorial would have given me a smaller rug than I had intended I just improvised the rest. I'm still keen to create a plain stitch rug and use it as a bath mat, since it soooo comfy under foot, but I'm not sure how it will go with water, and washing, since I have already noticed some balling of the fabric yarn.

Speak soon!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Updated Quilted Ironing Board Cover Tutorial

Since I released my Quilted ironing board tutorial on the blog and on craftsy, this little baby has been getting a load of attention. I think its a crafty persons prerogative to pretty up their sewing space ( or really, any space for that matter) and sewing space especially since we spend as much time as possible in there.
In my case, my space is the kitchen table (and if I've been reading correctly, I'm not alone there) So slowly I've been "sewifying" the space, so slowly and gradually that Mr Seraphym won't feel like I've dropped a giant quilt bomb on the house that will compromise his manlyness. The first of these beautifying projects being my ironing board cover. because well, just have a look at it!

Yup, that's what my ironing board cover looked like on it's worst day, The day that my darling cat sprocket decided that the ironing board cover was a) a bed b) a play toy c) a scratching post and d) foam is fun to rip up.

So I beautified the cover, wrote you all a tutorial so you can pretty up yours and show me how you went :) I got some awesome feedback from the tutorial and a couple of the questions that popped up that struck me were;

a) Does the bulk of the seams get in the way?
b) The ironing board tutorial suits a smaller ironing board than mine, how do I adjust it?
c) I'm not using fat quarters, how long do I cut my strips?

And in answer to your questions

a) The seams nor quilting get in the way when I'm ironing and they can barely be felt when I move my hand along the board. I believe this is for two reasons
         1. I press my seams apart rather to one side.
         2. I quilted the herring bone section of my cover with straight lines parallel to the seam and a walking foot distance away. This way I didn't create any bumps that say, a meandering pattern may.
b) I have updated the tutorial!! So I have included both cutting instructions for my board size and instructions for cutting to fit your own board! yippeee!
c) see B.

So I have updated the tutorial, so if you were hesitant to start making one, go have a looksie at the updated instructions in my craftsy shop (link is in the side bar)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your finished projects, so don't be shy to join others in linking up a picture of your finished project in craftsy or sharing on Instagram ( just dont forget to @seraphymhandmade )

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Applique Baby Onesies

As I mentioned on this post, A bubba was on the way for a family member and I made These crochet cardigan and matching booties. Well bubba has made her way into the world and of course being in a family of craft ladies, She was showered with handmade gifts! (the best kind)

For Christmas one of the many gifts she received from me was this Cute Applique Baby Onesie!

I had some triangles with vleisoflex on them left over from decorating some pencil wraps ( stay tuned for them) and I decided to use them for decorating this. Originally I was going with a bunting design, but the scraps I had left on hand evolved into this design which I just had to do! 
Each piece is vleisoflexed and attached to the onesie and then machine appliqued. The Kite tail is free motion stitched on later. Much maneuvering was required to move this little thing on my machine, I'm used to trying to sew massive quilts on my little machine, this was a change!!

I just could resist sewing some bum ruffles on! So easy to do with lace, you just sew right over the lace band, beginning from the bottom and layering up. The hardest thing was positioning the lace in the first place because the onesie I bought was lopsided when constructed.
Now that I've done this one I have so many new ideas for more! Check out my inspiration below all found on Pinterest (clicky for links to Pinterest). I am absolutely in love with the last one!
applique baby onesies design | Baby Boys Blue Elephant Baby Onesie | Li'l Birdie Shop | madeit.com.auBird Onesie  Applique Baby Onesie  3  6 months   by flowerbubbles, $14.95Horse Baby Girl Bodysuit by BubbyMakesThree on Etsy, $17.00NEW Elegant shabby chic ruffled top baby girl bodysuit onsie. Great for birthday, wedding, photography
What have you been sewing?