Hand painted Pencil Cases and Pouches using Fabric Medium

I like to think of myself as an uber organised person, when really I just love stationery, which makes you look uber organised. My love of stationery had lead to me making my own personalized, hand painted, binder folders... remember this one?

To complement my hand painted binder, I make the awesomest pencil case to go in it. The grommets (rings) make it nice and easy to clip in, as well as slide and flip over when I'm using it.

So being me, I took it a step further and got to painting some fabric. I found some Linen and Canvas fabric at my local shop as well as some Fabric Medium. 

If you haven't heard of Fabric medium before, it is a liquid you add to your regular acrylic paints which turns them into fabric paint! It's awesome to have handy if you don't do a lot of fabric painting, but you also do a bit of regular painting and have paint on hand. It's easy to set with heat (just iron) and it's completely washable. Score!

So here is the finished product and man I love them! I'm totally addicted to making them! Its one of those situations again where I want one for myself, but I'm not wasteful like that. My pencil case is perfectly fine.

I can see more pouches and casual clutch bags in my future :)

You can find these over at the Seraphym Art shop.


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