Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair 2012

Yesterday, despite the yucky weather we're getting in Melbourne at the moment, I went to the Craft and Quilt fair, which was loads of fun. All of the exhibits, products, crafts and quilts (people too) that were jam packed into The Exhibition Centre quickly made me forget about how drenched I was just from the short walk to there from Crown :)

I bought a couple of things....

These Fat Quarters from Katie's Patchwork Packs for the blue stash. I love the texture in the print/dyeing of these two fabrics.

These 2 skeins of Merino/Alpaca yarn and the cowl pattern from Bundah Alley Craft Designs

A BIG Thanks to the lovely Lady who helped me at this stall. After falling in love with the cowl pattern, the softness of the yarn AND the fact it was Merino and Alpaca, I had to choose a colour...... and it couldn't be purple. Lets just say I struggled.... I wanted a colour rather than a neutral, something that wouldn't date like their beautiful mustard yellow, plus I already have SOOOO much purple, and they had SOO many colours to choose from. So green it is :)

The stall I was most impressed with was Hooked Zpagetti. Since studying Sustainability in Fashion, I've been trying to make my crafting/creative endeavours/everything more sustainable and minimise wastage, which I think we crafters do pretty well anyways, but the fashion industry don't, being huge wasters of fabric,dyes,water etc. Hooked Zpagetti is a sustainable yarn made entirely from fashion fabric offcuts, which would otherwise probably end up in landfill if unsold. The bonus for Zpagetti is that their yarns are always reflecting the current colour trends :) Cool hey?

I also totally fell in love with these Floor "Pebbles", but didn't end up buying the kit there and then because I can't crochet :(


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