School Holidays...?

Thats right, I've been on school holidays for the past two weeks ( I'm a teacher) and wow, creatively I have done plenty, but unfortunately, I can't really show you much. This isn't me being all secretive bloggery lady, nope nope nope, its.. well... you'll see when I explain.

I'm not really one for writing posts and not having pictures, but I think it's OK once in a while. So here comes my text heavy post... who knows maybe there'll be a picture that I don't even know I'm going to inlcude yet.

ANYWHOO, enough blabbing. For those of you who don't know, while also teaching, I am studying Fashion and Textiles a couple of nights a week. Simply because I came to a point in my life, earlier this year, (at fashion week) when I decided I really wanted to study Fashion, and this time I was going to make it happen. It had been a dream of mine for a long time, but when it came time to choosing universities, I never got into the Fashion Design course I wanted, so I chose to do an Arts Degree, then Teaching. And all that time studying I  did very little to no sewing at all, which is very odd for me since I learned to sew at a young age and had been whipping up various crafts and clothing since then.
Since then I have had some people wondering what the hell was going through my head! I had just finished 4 years of University a couple of years ago and here I am going back again! But at the same time I have had some great support from my lovely Boy, friends and colleagues. I really felt especially certain that my choice was the right one when a colleague pointed out that it was great that instead of just complaining that I wasn't doing what I wanted with my life,  I was going out and actively doing something about it. It really motivated me.

So with that background out of the way, I spent the first week of my break doing work experience at a children's clothing wholesale company, and I had such a GREAT time! BUT BUT BUT here's my news....

As part of my work experience, I was asked to do some designing exercises to develop my skills, and a group of my graphics were chosen by a buyer to go on a story of childrens wear for next winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My designs are going into production!!!!

But I can't show you yet :( boo.

So I lied, here's a terrible pic of fashion week, pre-show, that I obviously took with my phone, hence the poor quality.


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