Triangle Scarf and Pattern

So here it is, my triangle scarf! I'm really happy with the way that it turned out, I was afraid it was going to either be too small or too chunky to look the way I intended.

As far as looking for a pattern, it was a little difficult to find what I wanted. I hadn't knitted in a little while, so I didn't want anything too tricky or fancy, plus I wanted to start it NOW. Which is how I usually get when I start a new project. So, without finding what I really wanted I decided I'd just make my own.
To make your own triangle scarf, you can use my pattern, download using the link below :)

Triangle Scarf Pattern


  1. Looks great - perfect for windy Wallan.

  2. What weight/brand yarn did you use?

  3. Hi, I used some left over Lincraft brand yarn for this one. It was called Amazon and the balls were each 50g with an approximate meterage of 65m per ball. Unfortunately they don't stock this particular yarn anymore, but they often come out with something similar each year.

  4. Hi Lauren, I love your design but I'm wondering if I'm reading it correctly! I got as far as the first section (lavender part) and wonder if it can be long enough when assembled if I only do 15 holes (30 rows) for the part shown in cream? In the photo it would appear the cream section is twice that size. And in the schematic it seems the cream section should be the same length along the slanted edge as the lavender part. I started with a very bulky yarn and think it's too heavy but still concerned whether even that would come out long enough?


    1. Hi Norma, For this pattern you are creating two identical triangles and sewing them together. Therefor the cream section, when assembled will be the same length at the straight top edge as one of your purple sections, creating three equal thirds, two lavender, one cream. If you are worried about length, measure your first lavender section and multiply by 3 to estimate the finished length.
      Your length will depend on how loose/tight you are knitting as well. The yarn I used was fairly light in weight and fluffy for it's thickness and the 9mmm needles I used ensured the knit looked 'holey' rather than tight. This way my scarf ended up being quite stretchy.

      I hope this helps!

    2. I'm off to edit the schematic at the bottom of the pattern because as you said, it is very deceiving! I'll message you when I update it.


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