10 More Sleeps!

Yep, you read that right, only 10 more sleeps 'till santa comes. Hasn't that flown? I can't wait till Christmas, but at the same time, I'm constantly reminded of the super stressful gift buying that I still need to do. Unfortunately, this year I'm not as organised as I'd like to be, nor are others such as the organisers of the work KK.

The thought of going to a shopping centre on a weekend is daunting enough, at Christmas time, its a nightmare and I like to get in early and out quickly. Thats ONLY if I really must go... OR, I just go online (Kudos right now to the almighty internet inventer!)

In the spirit of buying online, handmade and local here are some of my favourite finds from Aussie Etsy Shops,... hope this gives you some inspiration or last minute stress savers.



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