A (not so) Lazy Sunday

I'm one of those people who don't like getting up too late in the day in fear of 'wasting it'. By late I mean past 10:30am on a weekend, and by wasting it, I mean doing things which are non-productive such as the obvious, sitting around watching TV, or doing something like marking school work, which is just plain no fun.

Well, despite the fact I rolled out of bed around 12:40 today, I've been quite productive... and man does that make me feel good :)

Show and Tell - Baking :)

I think I'm close to mastering my gluten free bread recipe. I definately tastes good, I've just got to buy a bigger pan and double the quantities to make a decent sized loaf. (a note to any gluten intolerats/coeliacs... the pre-made bread mixes havent worked for me)

..and brownies, because well, why not.
Show and Tell: Making
After making my Christmas dress... ( and there is another blog post about that later) I got the dressmaking bug and got into gear and made this skirt from scratch. The fabric is from spotlight and has such a cute print on it I just couldn't leave without getting some.
I wasn't intending on haing a ruffled waistband, but seeing as though me and zippers are not friends, and the fabric is quite slippery, I had to come up with a plan B. What do you think?


I got this dress from Temt earlier this year for only $20, and of course, fell in love with the print, but wasn't 100% on the cut. After getting the mans opinion, I decided this one needed a re-jig... and then it sat in my study/sewing room wardrobe for the last 6-8 months.
luckily, this didn't require a whole lot to turn it into a skirt, the lining was nicely tucked away, and was only on the skirt half of the dress. Lucky I didn't wear this one out hey!

So now I have two maxi skirts, perfect for the warm weather and appropriate for school, and it probably cost me about $40. The mannequin shots really don't do these guys justice, but on a lazy sunday, I'm happy staying in my PJ's.
...and, finally, I got my Christmas wreath done. I'm not 100% happy with it, but hey, it's not too bad, what do you think?

Now, back to making my mans quilt. I've been hanging to get my quilting stuff back out again, its been too long (about 2 months!)

Hows your weekend been? let me know!

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  1. Similar Sunday spent making Christmas gifts after a late start. Like the skirts.

  2. Hope your day has been as productive as mine Mac. Thanks!

  3. Wow - the clothes are wonderful!


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