Finished Tutus

If you've been following me on Instagram (aerin972) you would've seen my finished decorated tutus!
I'm really happy with the way these guys turned out, and got heaps of compliments about them, it's a shame it wasn't my dance class who would be wearing them.
Below, you can see the before and after shots. The year before, the girls tutus were decorated in an americana theme, so stripped all of that back to the plain white tutu and got to work! lots of lace and sequins later, they were transformed into a very classical ballet tutu.
Stay tuned for some snaps from the performance where you can see these babies in action!
Meanwhile, around exam making, marking and what nots I've decided that'd turn my "talents" back to some dress making. Usually around christmas, its a tradition that mum would buy my sister and I a christmas dress to wear for the festivities on Christmas day, and while the tradition has dwindled in recent years, I thought I'd finally do what i'd always planned to and make my own...
Obviously, it's a work in progress, I'm not 100% happy with the dress at the moment, and I'm dreading doing the zipper because me and zippers are not friends :( Hopefully I can tweak it and I'll like it... hopefully.


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