Back to School / Work

So today is the day. I'm back to school (work) after a masive 5 weeks of holidays. As you could imagine,after that long, it takes a little more than a little motivation to get me back into the swing of things, what I always find works to get the process going, is to get organised and get my stationary into order. I'm also moving offices where the desks unfortunately don't have shelves, so all of my books and what-nots will either have to find space on my desk or be stored in other communal shelving units in the office... BIG sad face.
I'm the type of person who when they are working likes lots of desk space to spread out, but now that I'm sans shelving, I need to work out how I can maximise space while still keeping all of my important things on hand.
So, in true maker fashion, I've turned to Etsy and my fellow bloggers for some handmade desk organiser inspiration and some fun sewing projects, because well, sewing is my thing ;-)
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