Fabric Boxes and Scraps Organisers

Look what I've been up to! My holidays are definitely not the time to be doing nothing, I've been sewing up a storm and spending my Spotlight vouchers I received for Christmas very wisely.

To any who know me, they would have heard me describe my house quite often as a boys bedroom, complete with wall mounted snowboard, life-sized Freestyle Motocross Rider cardboard cutouts, and lots of sporting memorabilia... yay! (not) So I've been thinking of SOME way to inject some femininity into the place, one DIY/sewing project at a time :) Behold, step one... my fabric organiser boxes.

Fortunately for your pretty eyes I don't have a before shame photo. Just imagine wires, DVD players and junk crowding under the table, it wasn't pretty at all. So now I have a pretty storage place for all of the couches throw pillows and quilts, which also freed up some space next to our couch where they were usually 'chucked'.

I used this tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter Blog, my only variation being that I cut the lining the same size as the front panels and used the excess to create a binding look to the top of the boxes.

While on the topic of boxes I also made this scraps bucket using the same pattern to hang inside the wardrobe in my office... I just added two straps with button fastenings so they are easy to remove and move around to where ever I am sewing so I don't just chuck my scraps everywhere!

what do ya think?

Stay tuned because later this week I will reveal what else I have been working on this summer :)

Plum and June   Fabric Mutt


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