Hello 2013 - It's not too late for resolutions and goals!

Well hey there!

I'm back from my very loooong break. In true teacher fashion, I decided I would take a longer than usual break from blogging in order to prepare myself for a big productive year! Plus, I think it's very healthy to take breaks to simply relax and do things for yourself.

But its time to get into gear and get working, which gets me super excited and energised. However, I wouldn't be this eager to get the working year started if I hadn't taken a good break, or set myself some goals. I know most of us have already done the "New Year Resolutions" thing, but I often find myself not really ready to commit to some goals simply because the year has turned, and if I do,those resolutions often get forgotten really quickly.

When I was in high school, we had a motivational speaker pep us up for our final year, and his tips for setting effective goals has really stuck with me.

1. Get youself into a GREAT mood! Put some music on, and do all the silliest moves you can think of. Do what ever it takes to get youself into a positive mindset.

2. Get into your goal setting space, whether it be your desk or on your bed with your special notebook and favourite pen. Now write down the type of person you want to be and how you want your life to be... be realistic. ( I also like to write down the lessons I've learned from the past year)

3. Jot down the ways you are going to be that person and live that life. Don't write an exhaustive list, less is more in this situation. I wrote 3 things down for the person I want to be and 3 for the life I want to lead.

4. Get specific - write down some specific goals that you know are realistic and attainable and most importantly ARE A CHALLENGE in some way shape or form. I say this because there is no greater feeling that achieving a goal with the knowledge that you were challenged and and pushed through barriers to get what you want. Things aren't as rewarding if it was easy to acheive.

5. keep these handy so you can constantly refer back to your goals and keep on track :)

And with that done, its time to get back to sewing! woohooooo!

If you've been following me on instagram you would have already met this cutie... Sprocket... my new (and very paws on) sewing buddy.


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