Sew Cute Tuesday - Finished Monotone Pillows

Hi all! I'm linking up today to Sew Cute Tuesday over at Better Off Thread to show off my newly completed Monotone throw pillows! You may remember the checkerboard matching pillow complete a little while back too.

What do you think?

(The second photo is a bit yucky because I took it at night)

These ones were a result of my playing around with scraps from my first quilt. They all match very nicely and go well with my fire engine red couch :)

While I've seen some similar quilts with this pattern they all seem to have been made a little differently from the way that I've done these pillows, so who's interested in a tutorial? Have you made something similar because I'd love you to share it! Comment with your link below and I'll feature my faves in a post :)

Stayed tuned because tomorrow I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday, can't wait to share what I've been working on and can't wait to see what all you busy creative bees are doing!

'Till then,

Better Off Thread


  1. Ooh Lauren, they are lovely and I'd love to see a tutorial :)

  2. I love your pillows, they are very striking. Is that one of your quilts they are sitting on?

  3. Thanks Pieces of Sunshine! Yes that is one of my quilts they are sitting on, The pattern is one of Elizabeth Hartman's. You can see a better picture of it on my blog :)


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