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First things first! Have you entered my giveaway yet? It closes friday 5th april. Get on it, it's open worldwide :)
...And on the topics of WIP, the prize, Mug rugs, are just getting finished up as we speak. I'm finishing the binding, which is one of my fave parts of quilting, nothing better than seeing your hard work all together, and being able to cuddle up on the couch, finishing the final touches. Every stitch is one step closer to finishing :)
I've been working on a new project this week, I started it at work and have been taking it in daily to work to work on in my "free time". This week in particular has been very hard due to the loss of a friend and colleague and sewing this has been helping me focus on something else, calm myself and stop my unhelpful thoughts. This is why I truly love crafting/sewing, not only is the process enjoyable in itself, it is great for my mental health.
Introducing my Knitting needle wrap. It's HUUUUGE!
I have been making this for my Textiles classes since I have just gone out and purchased a heap of knitting needles. I'm planning on getting my students to knit squares which will be sewn into blankets for "Born to Knit", read more about it here. However, I'm not seeing any movement on thier wordpress...
Im just finishing up sewing a "binding". I'm not actually binding anything, its more of a cute border. Speaking of cute, have a look at the fabric! This was part of the textiles stash which was donated by our schools community. If you are interested in donating fabric to our textiles program, feel free to contact me.
After I finish hand sewing the binding border, I'm going to attach a ribbon for fastening the Wrap/Roll closed. I thing it would be cute to fasteing it to the front of the wrap with a cute Button :)
Sprocket Helping out as usual
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  1. Sorry about your loss. Its nice though to focus and lose yourself in your craft. I've used sewing as my mind escape from some horrible evils/sufferings/pain in my life, too.

    1. Thanks Jenny, and Thanks for entering my Giveaway :)

  2. Such a pretty knitting needle wrap and I think the button will make it complete:)

    1. Thanks Sara, And yes, a cutesy button is what will really make it pop!

  3. I love the knitting needle wrap! The fabric is lovely and I love the pop of color you get with the binding.

  4. Love your choice of fabrics. Wonderful practical project.

  5. i just made mine how do i send you a picture

    1. Wowie! Cant wait to see it! Pop me an email at lmgates7 (at) gmail dot com


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