Melbourne Australiasian Quilt Convention

I love love love going to crafty fairs and what nots, Simply to oogle at gorgeous quilts and crafts, spy (and buy) a tonne of fabrics from local craft stores, to mingle with like minded individuals, and of course to be inspired in a way that blogs and pinterest just doesn't.

Usually I'm the type who enjoys going to these events on my lonesome simply because my friends aren't of the crafty sort, but last weekend I had the pleasure of going with the boys mum, which was a tonne of fun. We're likeminded crafters and she is the reason why I started quilting.

Here are my purchases!

1. Double Wedding Ring plastic template, rotary cutter blades, a Cutting mat (not shown) and 2. stork scissors from 3. Fat Quarters from Patchwork with Gail B 4. Batting joining strips from Brindabella Quilting Systems

The Mr's Mum also bought a "Happy Jack" quilting frame from Brindabella and don't you worry, I'll be having a go (and a hog) so I'll let you know how much I love it :)

This was my first time at the Australasian Quilt Convention, I usually just go to the Quilt and Craft show later in the year. Overall, I thought the show was smaller than I expected, but I guess that's simply because I am used to scouring through what seems like an endless amount of stalls at the Convention Centre. I also was a little bummed at the amount of stalls dedicated to "modern" quilting, and to be precise big bold colours, simple lines and unique items that I haven't seen kicking around the interwebs. I'm not sure if this is because a lot of my focus was shifted towards kids patterns (since the Mr's mum was looking for sewing projects for new family addition due later this year) or maybe I've been a little overloaded by what I've seen online so nothing actually seems new. Do you find internet overload an issue? I'm not even sure "overload" is the right word. I reckon I'd still go back next year I did find some great items which are better quality than what I can find at the big chain craft stores, plus next time I may join in some classes.

What I always enjoy, and what never gets old is spending time admiring other quilters work. Here are my favourites.
Unfortunately I never took pictures of the information sheet, so unfortunately I cannot tell you who's beauties these are :(

 Above:  Helen Godden

and especially this one!
 Above: Maynard by David Taylor

These crappy phone pictures do these quilts absolutely no justice!

Did you go to the AQC? did you enjoy it?


  1. Lauren, the horses are by Helen Godden and the dog quilt is called Maynard by David Taylor. Cant assist with the others. These were my two favourite quilts at the show. Just magnificent.



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