Progress made!

Hello all! Hows our week been? happy hump day!

Today I'd love to share with you all my current WIP's and given that i've been on holidays for a week and a half, I've definately made some progress on some projects, but of course not as much as I'd like, but I've been enjoying the process.


These are a little farther along than these pictures show.... I've worked really productively today but didn't take photos so, you'll have to stay tuned on Pinterest.

I'm actually a little bummed about these and not entirely happy with my job on them. This is because they are not matching up nicely. I think this is due to a combination of inacturate cutting and using different machines, big no no's! When I started to make these I didn't write down my method, assuming I would totally remember! but then took a loooong break from them and I must have changed my cutting/trimming. and as far as sewing on another machine, during my lovely quiting day with the Mr's mum I sewed some blocks on her Janome which had a slightly smaller interpretation of 1/4 inch than my machine :( boo.

This is an example of how the yellow blocks turned out, I've now sewn all of the six blocks together and considered unpicking the lot and starting over, but I kept on telling myself "come on they're just placemats!"
Man Quilt
The man quilt top has finally been finshed, but it isn't a complete finish so I still count it as a WIP. My man loves this Motorcycle brand so he asked me to put the logo onto the quilt. Originally I was going to paint it on using fabric pain and making a stencil using freezer paper, but I was persuaded to applique it on.

I actually had a great time hand sewing this on too :) makes me want to do more hand embroidery :)
Now just to decide how to quilt it! it's going to be a huuuge job!
Singer machine and table
My man's dad was lovely enough to restore/ repair the table for me. look how awesome it looks now!
I've been using it as my cutting table ( please ignore how warped my mat is :(  ) and the top draw is working aweosmely as a catch for all of my off cuts. Now I just HAVE to make some rectangular fabric boxes for pretty storage on those shelves.
this one is still a WIP because I need to find a pedal and get the machine fixed up and see if she can run, fingers crossed.
Other WIPs
Knitted cowl scarf - stay tuned on pinterest and instagram for this one!
What are you working on? Drop me a line I'd love to know!
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  1. I really like your choice of fabrics for the placemats! I remember my first ever sewing project was a patchwork placemat. Of course the blocks didn't match up, even today sometimes it still happens. Funny thing is, i'm the only one who notices them!! So I wouldn't be too worried... keep it a secret between you and yourself!

    1. Thanks Sophia, that makes me feel a whole heap better about them!

  2. O I love your motorcycle logo quilt! I am sure your man will love it too!

    1. Thanks Amy! Yep he just cant wait for it to be finished now

  3. Those placemats are going to be gorgeous!

  4. Intrigued by those placemat pieces!!


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