Get Your Knit On.... I am

Hey there! I know most of us quilters are also pretty good at and dabble in other crafts including knitting and or crochet, and I am one of them. Not only do I love to sew, I love to get all crafty up in here! So whether its knitting and just recently (but not very well) crochet, paper making, dressmaking, embroidery and being just down right 'creative'.

So since it getting cold, I love nothing more than cuddling up under a quilt and doing the binding, or knitting! As you may know I am also a Teacher in my other non-bloggy life, and I've been teaching my 25 teens how to knit! And my goodness is that great fun but I feel like the energiser bunny running from one kiddo to the next.


There is a reason for this madness, my kiddos have decided to knit for the charity KasCare, who accept knitted squares which will be made into blankets to warm children in south africa who are living in poverty, are aids orphans or have HIV/AIDS themselves. I love how enthusiastic the kiddos are getting, considering I find so many kids find knitting and crochet to be something only a grandmother does, not a cool kid teenager.

Do you knit or sew for charity? Who do you donate to? Pop your link in the comments to spread the word!

Keep Crafty Seraphyms!


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