So I taught myself to crochet.....

Yep, I taught myself how to crochet this week. Something I've been wanting to master since forever, Fair to say I am very far off mastering the skill, but at least I can do the very basics. In typical me style I am absolutely obsessed with it at the moment (well as obsessed as a quilter can be with something else)

So lets have a look at my very first project. Nope, I didnt try doing a scarf or something simple... I decided I wanted to make this:

Clicky the pic for the link

aaaaand this is how it turned out!! Hehehe

Desipite my laughter I'm actually not upset with the way it turned out. It definately serves it purpopse, Sprocket absolutely loves it. Being a typical cat, she loves to hide undercovers all snug and warm, so the fact that her little kitty den is all floppy, it creates the perfect hideaway for her.

Pup isn't sure what's going on inside that brown thingy

The only thing I am going to do it, is crochet some wire into the entrance to make it easier for her to get into.

What do you think? :-P

Here are some of the next projects I want to work on, for more, jump over to my Knit Yarn Crochet Pinterest board.




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