WIP Madness

I have sooo much Going on right now, and no, I don't mean in my non bloggy life, I think I have the longerst list of WIP's that I've ever had. Now I don't sew for a living or income so what I sew is for leisure or gifts.

Here is what I'm working on...

1 - Quilting (and now unpicking parts of) the Man Quilt. More on this soon since I used a quilting frame called Happy Jack to help quilt it.

 2 - Crochet Slipper socks from this pattern using T-shirt yarn. I'm currently 1 slipper down.

3 - Knitted headbands with cotton fleece lining - 3 needed, one finished
I've based my pattern on this adorable pattern, but since wool/acrylic/alpaca either purely or in a mix are a bit itchy on the head so I have lined it with cotton fleece fabric and attached it using a blanket stitch the lining finished 6 stitches from the edge to allow for the gathered bow. And my goodness is it nice and warm!
What do you think?
4 - Slouchie beanie: haven't started yet but it has been requested! I'm planning on doing one similar to the one below

5 - Mystery project - 2 projects - No details for a while on these one, they are gifts for special someones :)

6 - Skinny Rugs - Awesome fabrics finds which need binding.

7 - Jumper dress for myself - Similar to the one below

I think thats all! Rest assured that you will definately see my finished products!

What are you working on?


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