Detachable Pet Bed - Holiday Finishes!

So I mentioned here I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish crafty wise for these holidays, and while I realise I won't get all of it completed, I am super happy with what I've completed so far.

Looksie! I made my (huge) baby puppy a bed since he had surgery last week and would therefore be spending lots of time indoors with me!!! I decided I would make one rather than buy one because a) big dog beds arent usually very bed like, they are just a fabric covered bit of foam b) that foam is usually at least $50 and c) if they're a bit cheaper, they're not pretty, and I like pretty.

So Voila!!!

Each of the sides and back panels are completely detachable from the main section by velcro and each foam sections cover is removable for washing! This is perfect for me to wash the icky drool and hair off the bed and it is easy to transport, so I can take it apart and throw the bottom section into the car for trips to the park/road trips.

I found the fabrics at spotlight, the Navy fabric is Flannel and the cream/taupe coloured home decor weight fabric which I would say is usually used for curtains, but I found plenty in the offcuts bin! Score!

I've also been on a crazy knit/crochet frenzy for various family members which you may have noticed on my instagram. My next job was to make some fingerless mitts for my grandmother.

These are based on this tutorial, but I turned it on its side because the stretch was going the opposite way(vertically rather than horizontally) than I liked and because I never check my guage and it came out super skinny. But it turned out fine with my changes! yay!

What do you think? what have you been working on?


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  2. That pet bed is amazing!! Great job! And your (baby) puppy looks so content in it! Cute!

    1. Thanks Robot Mom! Unfortunately not long after these were taken he destroyed it :(


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