Holiday Times!

Aaaah! Holidays again! Aside from some of the awesome moments I experience while teaching, I have to admit I do love the holidays associated with my job! Especially after the chaos that is the end of term/semester! This is because I get two whole weeks to get crafty!
So! Once I get all of the boring houseworkie and school work done I get to play! (and hopefully get somethings finished!) So do stay around so I can show off what I've done :)

Here are some of the things on my 'I Hope I Get This Done' List

One Framed Quilted Squares Two T-Shirt Yarn Bath Mat Three Hoodie Dress Four Fabric Mail Holder Five Scrappy Pet Bed Six Kitty Arigarumi 
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  1. Looks like a great list for the summer! Holidays are so precious!

  2. Thank you for showcasing the other bloggers each week. I love seeing my stuff up there with everyone else. You are great!


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