Winter sucks but is awesome for crafting!

Winter is a real pooo of a time. I very very very much dislike it. However, it is pretty good for crafting, because really, who want to go outside when its wet and cold.

So here is my latest finished project. A quilted and knitted baby blanket.

I you follow me on instagram you may remember seeing this sad looking thing....
My originaly intention of using the yarn was to make some really fluffy and comfy slipper boots, but as you can see it just didn't work out, and lately if something I'm knitting or crocheting isn't looking nice, I stop, unravel and move onto something else. There is nothing worse than working on something ugly during this ugly time of year.
So I hand knitted the backing of the blanket and quilted it along with the top and batting rather than a backing fabric.
This measures 35x35" finished, so it is a perfect, thick and warm blankie.


  1. Brilliant idea to turn it into the back of a blanket. It looks incredibly soft and cozy!

  2. That would be perfect for laying a baby on the floor!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I don't have kids so I wasn't sure the size was suitable, so thanks for reassuring me!


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