Surviving Winter and what I've been up to via Intagram

So if your noticing a recurring theme about Winter, then yes, it's true, I loathe Winter, profusely. All that cold just makes me want to snuggle on the couch (underneath a quilt of course!), hide from outside and most importantly, keep warm, warm, warm, and avoid the cold like the plague.

I think each winter I get better at keeping cold at bay, almost like upgrading my arsenal for a battle. This winter I am truly grateful for the following 'upgrades'

- I discovered fleece lined leggings, and I stocked up!
- I have added to my growing collection of  knitted cowls, scarves, and headbands, and there wasn't a day that went by when I wasn't wearing one. Cowls also make for great head coverage when you just have to run through rain to get to the warmth of the car/house/work etc.

- I spent as much time as possible in my flannel pyjamas, and I am not ashamed. And yes, they are Tinkerbell pj's (I also own Mickey Mouse and Elmo one's)
- Pets are not only great sources of warmth and cuddles but also awesome at distracting you from cold with their cuteness and constant need to be in your lap (ehm, Sprocket my cat)


-  When I wasn't at home and in my Pyjamas, I made an excuse to stay inside doing 'warm' craft things, like knitting, by holding a Knit for Charity club for one lunch hour a week.
- I decided to hand quilt a 'Top Secret' Gift quilt. nothing better than being snuggled up underneath a quilt. Those pink HST's are all I can show you.

So now as the weather warms up, I can venture out of my quilt fort of warmth and take some pictures of all of the projects I have been working on in my semi-hibernation, So stay tuned!
...and of course, bring on Summer!



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