Double Wedding Ring - A Finish!!!


Woooohoooo! Can you tell I'm happy? To get a finish done at a time like now! Lets just say I am under the pump and my to-do list is the length of the circumference of the universe!

This is my first DWR EVER! And my oh my, lets just say I have never encountered curves before in my quilting, so I went full out, and took the challenge on BIG time, and even quilted it using circles. Lucky I didn't decide to make a king size or anything! (However I will confess that it had been on my mind and to do list as a gift, and lets just say, its now on the bottom of my bucket list) I know that my work isn't the best on this one, and my mismatches seams make me cringe, but I love it nonetheless.

So I've submitted it to the NYC Metro Mod Quilters DWR Challenge in the 'Traditional' section. I had initially intended for this to be a modern quilt, but I think I've discovered (through looking at the 'Modern' category entries) that my quilting style is more of a Modern/Traditional. Traditional style using Modern fabrics. This is has most likely grown through my fear of creating timeless treasures with a hint of trendy obsolescence. It is my greatest fear to have a quilt go out of fashion. I think it totally defeats the purpose of quilting and the 'process' of the art.
I do encourage you all to go have a look-see at all of the AMAZING work by the other entrants here.

Anywhooo, it back off to my magnificently huge to-do list, and lets hope its not too long between posts. If you're missing your regular doses of Seraphym Handmade, please feel free to pop by my Instagram account and follow me :)

See you soon!


  1. Some of my quilty friends and I have been saying "post-modern" because we feel the same- we're not truly modern (by the "official" definition) but we don't really like the word traditional. :)

    Your DWR is a huge accomplishment, mismatched seams and all!

    1. Post Modern is a good fit Sarah :) It totally makes sense too.
      Thanks so much!

  2. Way to go on tackling the DWR, Lauren! You did a wonderful job!


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