Applique Baby Onesies

As I mentioned on this post, A bubba was on the way for a family member and I made These crochet cardigan and matching booties. Well bubba has made her way into the world and of course being in a family of craft ladies, She was showered with handmade gifts! (the best kind)

For Christmas one of the many gifts she received from me was this Cute Applique Baby Onesie!

I had some triangles with vleisoflex on them left over from decorating some pencil wraps ( stay tuned for them) and I decided to use them for decorating this. Originally I was going with a bunting design, but the scraps I had left on hand evolved into this design which I just had to do! 
Each piece is vleisoflexed and attached to the onesie and then machine appliqued. The Kite tail is free motion stitched on later. Much maneuvering was required to move this little thing on my machine, I'm used to trying to sew massive quilts on my little machine, this was a change!!

I just could resist sewing some bum ruffles on! So easy to do with lace, you just sew right over the lace band, beginning from the bottom and layering up. The hardest thing was positioning the lace in the first place because the onesie I bought was lopsided when constructed.
Now that I've done this one I have so many new ideas for more! Check out my inspiration below all found on Pinterest (clicky for links to Pinterest). I am absolutely in love with the last one!
applique baby onesies design | Baby Boys Blue Elephant Baby Onesie | Li'l Birdie Shop | Onesie  Applique Baby Onesie  3  6 months   by flowerbubbles, $14.95Horse Baby Girl Bodysuit by BubbyMakesThree on Etsy, $17.00NEW Elegant shabby chic ruffled top baby girl bodysuit onsie. Great for birthday, wedding, photography
What have you been sewing?


  1. Love the kite design and ruffles. Great scrap use.

    1. I've got quite the collection of scraps! It was about time I stopped collecting and started using them!


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