Updated Quilted Ironing Board Cover Tutorial

Since I released my Quilted ironing board tutorial on the blog and on craftsy, this little baby has been getting a load of attention. I think its a crafty persons prerogative to pretty up their sewing space ( or really, any space for that matter) and sewing space especially since we spend as much time as possible in there.
In my case, my space is the kitchen table (and if I've been reading correctly, I'm not alone there) So slowly I've been "sewifying" the space, so slowly and gradually that Mr Seraphym won't feel like I've dropped a giant quilt bomb on the house that will compromise his manlyness. The first of these beautifying projects being my ironing board cover. because well, just have a look at it!

Yup, that's what my ironing board cover looked like on it's worst day, The day that my darling cat sprocket decided that the ironing board cover was a) a bed b) a play toy c) a scratching post and d) foam is fun to rip up.

So I beautified the cover, wrote you all a tutorial so you can pretty up yours and show me how you went :) I got some awesome feedback from the tutorial and a couple of the questions that popped up that struck me were;

a) Does the bulk of the seams get in the way?
b) The ironing board tutorial suits a smaller ironing board than mine, how do I adjust it?
c) I'm not using fat quarters, how long do I cut my strips?

And in answer to your questions

a) The seams nor quilting get in the way when I'm ironing and they can barely be felt when I move my hand along the board. I believe this is for two reasons
         1. I press my seams apart rather to one side.
         2. I quilted the herring bone section of my cover with straight lines parallel to the seam and a walking foot distance away. This way I didn't create any bumps that say, a meandering pattern may.
b) I have updated the tutorial!! So I have included both cutting instructions for my board size and instructions for cutting to fit your own board! yippeee!
c) see B.

So I have updated the tutorial, so if you were hesitant to start making one, go have a looksie at the updated instructions in my craftsy shop (link is in the side bar)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your finished projects, so don't be shy to join others in linking up a picture of your finished project in craftsy or sharing on Instagram ( just dont forget to @seraphymhandmade )


  1. I can't understand the cutting part at 30 degree. Please explain. Thanks

  2. Hi Arlene,

    I have a 30 degree line on my quilting ruler which helps me with this. In order to cut my fabric on this angle, I line up my long straight edge with the 30 degree line, thus putting the cutting edge of my ruler on a 30 degree angle. I then just rotary cut it at that angle.

    I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask away if it still troubles you :)

    Lauren @ Seraphym Handmade

  3. how do I get the pattern?

    1. if you create an account on Craftsy, you will be able to download the pattern for free. For further details on how to work the downloads on craftsy, refer to their website for in depth instructions :)

  4. I don't understand the angle part either. It looks like it will cut too much fabric off.

    1. Thanks Judy,

      If you stagger your fabric edges on an angle \ it will reduce the amount of fabric wastage than if you were to match ends. Then you line up your 30 degree line along one of your straight horizontal seams ---- this would leave your ruler laying on an angle ready to cut along your staggered edge.

      I hope this helps.


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