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If you're one of my Instagram followers, you may have noticed that along with all the usual craftyness I get up to that drawing and art has come sneaking in. Never Fear! I'm a sewing crafty lady at heart but boy do I love to paint and make mess (at home as well as with my students at work)

 This post is a little bit of gross self promotion, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I'm hoping you enjoy my crafty adventures enough to forgive me! I made sure there were pretty things to look at too.

Some of my paintings are available now on my new Nuvango Store as Canvases, prints, Cards, and best of all device skins!

Weee! How cool do they look! 
(I'm just a tad excited)

I've also gone ahead and started a Facebook page for all things Seraphym, simply because I find myself spending more time there than sorting through my gigantic 'unread' list on Bloglovin'. This could be because I'm a busy bee at with the ol' day job and am lacking time for a good sit back and read time... Or possibly because it's winter and there is nothing better than cuddling under a quilt while making a new quilt, or crochet/knitted this or that.

Anywhoo, if you feel the need for a little Seraphym love on your Facebook newsfeed, clicky Here and like or follow


  1. Is there anything you can't do?!?! Lol. Love these :)

    1. Hahaha plenty! Like a true quilter I have an aversion to cooking dinner for the family haha


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