I'm suffering from a 'sickness' we all know too well. That one we get when we haven't seen our sewing room or at least heard the sound of a sewing machine as nearly as much as we need to in order to stay sane. I think I've only had the time to chain piece some pre-pinned squares together. Humph! So in the little 'free time' I have at the moment, I though the best thing to do would be to swoon over some quilt inspiration.

Topo 1

I stumbled upon this artists Claire Kahn at Melbourne's AGIdeas last year. Amid all of the captivating graphic design, this artist obviously stood out for her geometric and 'quilty' looking designs. I don't know about you, but I can be a like a dog distracted by a cat running by when it comes to quilt inspiration. Imagine me, strolling through the Melbourne CBD lost in my thoughts, deciphering where I am in the cities gridded streets, am I going ..... QUILTSPIRATION! ooh what pretty geometric architecture, that would make an awesome quilt, "snap".... what was I doing again?

Topo 6

These particular artworks are 'Topographic Paper Cuts', and are layers of painted cotton rag board. Wouldn't they make an awesome modern quilt, and given the variety of colors, wouldn't date either.

Aren't they gorgeous! So, where do you find inspiration?


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