What I'm working on - WIP Craziness

Being the Crafty Craftess that I am, I'm always juggling a few projects at a time. I do this because I hate to get into an Unmotivated 'funk' when I'm only working on one project. You know, that feeling of 'I really don't feel like working on 'X' right now, or I don't like this quilts layout, I need to walk away and tackle this with fresh eyes.

Well, I think I've taken this to another level of late. Cue Show and Tell of my WIP's....If you have been following along on instagram (seraphymhandmade) you may have seen glimpses of these already, but I've added in some more sneaky peaks because you're an awesome bloggy stopper by.

A painting for those late night weekends sitting on the lounge room floor while watching the latest TV show obsession

This will one day become a pillowcase, but I spent some time sitting on the heater vent hand stitching the applique.

Drawings in my sketchbook which need to be scanned and added to the Nuvango store


Some circle square crochet blocks which will one day hopefully be a throw and a tutorial!!

Some more applique. I'm still undecided as to whether to hand applique or machine at this point. This was originally going to be a pillow, but now I'm thinking it needs to be a quilt.

A quilt for the Princess Caz shop. Currently sitting in my Craft Den ready for quilting.

Some secret crochet, and by secret I mean I can't tell you what it is as yet, since it is a gift.

Phew! There are more WIP's than I originally thought.

How many WIP's do you have currently going on??


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