Koalas and a New Pattern

Here is the (short) story of how my new Koala Bear Beanie Hat pattern came to be.

It's a little bit of a family tradition (well something my mother and grandmother insist on doing) to send an Australian themed gift to our international relatives when they have a baby. This time my mum turned to me to create a gift.

Well! At first she asked if I could make a quilt with a kangaroo on it, on a tight 2 week time frame and limited budget. So I was thinking "Cool, I has an idea in my head to do a simple animal silhouette quilt. The type with a plain flannel background and a patchwork animal of some sorts." I thought I could get something like that done at a stretch within the time and budget constraints. Well, here is what my mum had in mind.....

This beauty is by Quilty as Charged

That gorgeous work of art, was obviously no way near what I would get done in 2 weeks. I had a little chuckle to myself and immediately thought of this beauty which has circulated the internet.

They need to add one with a picture of me and every quilt I've ever made with the caption "what my mum thinks I whipped up this week"

Chuckles and giggles aside, we agreed that a crochet beanie would be suitable. Mum loved it (and supposedly so did the lady at the post office), I love it, lets hope mum and bub love it too!

So to celebrate the release of the new pattern, head on over to Craftsy and snap it up for $2.00 this week.

Have a lovely weekend Handmade Lovers!


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