When you make a bag better than yours

If you've been crafting for a while, you get to that point where people notice. And then they ask you to make things that you've made for yourself, for them. And thats great, because you love making stuff, and if you are going to make something for someone (for free) you obviously love them!

So I was in this situation recently when my sister in law needed a bag for her all of her new knitting gear, so I made her a the same bag that I use for all of my knitty and crochet stuffs.

Here's my bag

So off I went, whipped it up and this is what I made....

Oh My God it's amazing I want one for myself! Were my thoughts exactly. But I already have one. and it's in good shape and it would be wasteful to make another. Waaaaaaa!

What do you do craft people when you do this? I'm off to go make dresses that are pretty to stop me making another bag.

Pattern used was Apple Cider Tote Bag by Pink Chalk Studio.
Pink chalk didn't ask me to write this post, I just like the bag.


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