2015 so far through instagram

I'm lovin' Instagram for posting. It's just so easy and doesn't involve as much as blogger. Although some things just need a full blog post.

So, here's whats been going on since we last spoke :)

I revealed this painting. A Christmas gift commission.

I gave an old ring binder new life with some of my original art and washi tape! Why? Because pretty stationery is either boring, or expensive.

I made a handy pencil case with rings allowing me to store it in my new ring binder. (If you're new here, I'm a teacher, and teachers love stationery!!! A lot!)

I've been sewing some beauties for the Princess Caz Shop 

And whats been keeping me away from blogging the most is preparations for my very own special crafty event 

if you don't follow on Instagram and would like to, search for @seraphymhandmade or click the link in the sidebar.

Until next time...


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